Institute,Research Centers and Laboratories
Biophysics and Structural Biology  InstituteDirector Zihe Rao   Deputy director Senfang Sui
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology InstituteDirector Peng Li   Deputy director Yongzhang Luo,Jingyuan Liu
Cell and Developmental Biology InstituteDirector Anming Meng   Deputy director Yeguang Chen,Wei Wu
Biotechnology InstituteDirector Qingyu Wu   Deputy director Guoqiang Chen
Center for Plant BiologyDirector Yijun Qi
Marine Biotechnology InstituteDirector Rongqing Zhang
Experimental Teaching Center for BiologyDirector Guiyou Zhang
Cell and Developmental Biology Research CenterDirector Anming Meng,Peng Li
Cross-Department Institute
State Key Laboratory of Biomembrane and Membrane BiotechnologyDirector Yeguang Chen
National engineering laboratory of anti-tumor protein TherapeuticsDirector Yongzhang Luo
Ministry of Education Key Laboratory for Protein ScienceDirector Zhixin Wang   Deputy director Yongzhang Luo,Xinquan Wang
Ministry of Education Key Laboratory for BioinformaticsDirector Haiteng Deng   Deputy director Xuegong Zhang,Haipeng Gong,Zhi Lu
Beijing Key laboratory of Protein TherapeuticsDirector Yongzhang Luo
Center of Structural BiologyDirector Yigong Shi